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Welcome to Kerberos!

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Kerberos International, Inc. is an 8(a) certified, Woman Owned Small Business Enterprise that specializes in bringing solutions to market that leverage the world's most cutting edge technology.

Founded in 2006, Kerberos' mission is to provide outstanding value to government and commercial enterprises and the U.S. government by offering carefully chosen products and services that are delivered by an experienced staff of professionals and veterans of the United States military forces and intelligence agencies.

Our Philosophy

Kerberos is committed to providing unsurpassed value in products and services, delivering outstanding customer service and earning customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our customers benefit from extraordinary results generated by a well coordinated team effort that surpasses the typical client/consultant/contractor relationship.

Our passion is delivering measurable results that enable our clients to achieve success.

Kerberos Resultants© are knowledgeable, highly skilled civilian professionals and veterans of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, Electronic Warfare, Intelligence, Communications and Acquisition communities who:

  • Understand our clients' mission and requirements
  • Provide effective recommendations
  • Complete the work to produce measurable results
  • Lead the way to success

Kerberos implements a customer-focused, phased approach in each of our projects. Typical phases include Design, Development, Test and Customer Evaluation, Demonstration, Training and Turnover. Simply put - we provide outstanding service.

Our History

Kerberos, a Texas Corporation, was founded in 2006 by Dawn Cole to assist small businesses to launch new products and services into the United States commercial and government sectors. For five years, Kerberos provided services to assist these companies to define product requirements, manage the development and testing of products, market test products and services, build brand identity, grow sales revenues and establish effective support organizations.

Growing reputation for producing results

Growing solely by word-of-mouth, Kerberos expanded the scope of our services based on our clients' requirements. Kerberos became known for going beyond the traditional role of a consultant that provides expert consulting without, necessarily, taking responsibility for results. Kerberos became known for delivering results. We coined a new term that, we believe, accurately depicts our professionals:


Kerberos RESULTANTS© are highly skilled U.S. veterans and civilian professionals who not only provide expert consulting, but also provide flawless mission execution and deliver measurable results.

We are known for getting the job done...
on time
    on budget
            on spec
                    every time.

Transition from Consulting Firm to Solution Provider

In 2010, Kerberos’ management began to migrate away from our consulting practice in order to leverage our skills and infrastructure to launch a suite of products and services in support of military and emergency management personnel.

We proudly offer electronic warfare focused classroom and opposing force (OPFOR) training as well as several portable communications solutions for emergency management, broadcast, reconnaissance and surveillance.

Our Name

Kerberos in hell.

Kerberos was depicted in Greek mythology as the fierce, three headed dog that guards the gates of Hell.

Kerberos was the offspring of Echidna, a hybrid half-woman and half-serpent, and Typhon, a fire-breathing giant whom even the Olympian gods feared. In most works, Kerberos' heads represent ability to see the past, the present and the future.

Occasionally, a person who didn't belong in Hell needed to visit one of Hell's residential spirits. One of Kerberos' responsibilities was to escort these people into Hell and bring them out safely.

It is our sincere wish, prayer and affirmation that all men and women who are deployed into harm's way – whether they are war fighters, peacekeepers, first responders, aid workers, intelligence agents, fire fighters or crime fighters – are able to come home safely.