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Emergency Management Communications Products

Emergency Management Communications Products

Kerberos offers a wide variety of Portable and Tactical Emergency Communications solutions that fit any situation. We incorporate our own cutting edge integration and manufacturing capabilities as well as self-healing mesh and cognitive radio technology in order to supply unique technology requirements at a substantially lower cost than most of our competitors.

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Kerberos prides itself in being a leader in the tactical / portable cellular community – supplying both permanent and temporary cellular communication needs to civilian and government enterprises. Our portable cellular services range from emergency cellular services, such as Cellular on Wheels (COWs) after natural disasters, to supplying cellular surveillance capabilities to properly authorized government activities.

DragonForce is an application supported on smart phones, tablets and PC’s that provides the user with visual GIS and mapping information for advanced personnel tracking as well as 360 degree situational awareness throughout their area of operations (AO).

Kerberos also offers a wide variety of mobile shelters, communication platforms and trailers that will operate in any terrain to support mission needs. From stateside civilian First Responder requirements to the mountainous terrain of OCONUS combat areas – Kerberos has trailers and shelters of all sizes to fit any requirement.

Finally, Kerberos prides itself on providing some of the best portable radio towers on the market today. Ranging from 24 to 210 ft – our towers withstand the most stressful environments.

If you are looking for cellular, wireless, microwave, RF repeaters, shelters or communication platforms – Kerberos is constantly striving to bring you the latest solutions to help complete your mission and also leave your budget intact.

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