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Electromagnetic Opposing Force


EM/Cyber OPFOR designs, implements and operates adversary command, control, communications and computer (C4) architectures in support of training requirements, providing the ability for joint forces to train like they will operate in real world situations.

  • Deploy to austere locations (training ranges, test facilities, etc.)
  • Create a realistic electromagnetic environment (EME) consisting of personnel, equipment, systems and vehicles.
  • Enable joint/inter-agency elements to tangibly train in various “Defeat the Network” EW, Cyber, JEMSO, C4ISR and C-IED scenarios.
  • Wireless communications and network technologies:
    • Direction Finding (DF) / Geo-location
    • HF-V/UHF radios
    • Satellite/cellular and cyber devices: GSM, UMTS, CDMA, 802.11, 802.16
    • Cyber cafes, repeaters, wireless surveillance, etc.

EM/Cyber OPFOR provides tactical exploitation and attack capabilities (both hardware and software) as well as Cyber/Network subject matter expertise (including operators).

EM/Cyber OPFOR conducts full spectrum, joint, live- virtual-constructive EM activities including:

  • Coordination with staff
  • Scenario development, scripting
  • Global exercise support & execution capacity
  • Support for individual unit/element training requests
  • Inventory of advanced technology adversary C4 systems
  • Advanced Geo-location techniques/Tactical Vulnerability Assessments (Find/Fix R&S elements, Counter-AFO activities, RF Mitigation)
  • Advanced communication and GPS jamming systems
  • Pyrotechnic threat replication (IEDs, RC-IEDs, RPG, SA-7, etc.)

Download Kerberos EM OPFOR Capabilities Statement
Download Kerberos EM OPFOR Scenarios and Training Objectives
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