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Portable Electronic Warfare Systems

Portable Electronic Warfare Systems

Man-portable, integrated solutions that provide self- powered radio, telephone, Internet, video, GPS, RFID and specialized software for mobile command, communications and operations.

Software solutions include:

  • Logistics
  • Equipment tracking
  • Patient tracking
  • Mobile office
  • Surveillance
  • VTC

End user tools include:

  • Milspec and P25 radios
  • Ruggedized, long range communications
  • Support for individual unit/element training requests communications
  • Ruggedized RF and WiFi
  • RFID solutions
  • Secure AES VTC solutions
  • Laptops, printers, scanners

Reach back capability:

  • VSAT satellite: Ku, Ka, C, X-band
  • BGAN satellite
  • Cellular 3/4G, CDMA, GSM, LTE
  • WiFi (long haul, secure, high speed)
  • Intelligent power management options include battery, solar, vehicle