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Kerberos provides innovative communications and scatterable media systems to support defense, industry, aid and emergency management requirements worldwide. Our ability to seek out and validate new technologies -- and to craft the latest technologies into operational solutions -- enables us to offer significant value to industry, aid and emergency management professionals throughout the world.

We incorporate our own cutting edge integration and manufacturing capabilities as well as self-healing mesh and cognitive radio technology in order to supply unique technology requirements at a substantially lower cost than most of our competitors. The Kerberos team has a staff of experienced radio frequency (RF) engineers, analysts, designers and electronic warfare combat veterans. Kerberos has systems and expertise to meet your requirements today and the ability to produce advanced technology systems for future requirements.

Kerberos also offers a wide variety of mobile shelters, communication platforms and trailers that will operate in any terrain to support mission needs. From stateside Energy Industry requirements to the mountainous terrain of OCONUS combat areas – Kerberos has trailers and shelters of all sizes to fit any requirement. Kerberos also provides some of the best portable radio towers on the market today.

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Product List

KER-322 Advanced Cyber Environment (ACE) CEMA Training Platform

The KER-322/330 ACE/SME platform is a robust, low-cost, portable, easily configurable, fully functional, Opposing Force Cyber Training Tool and social media monitoring system. The KER-322 ACE’s primary purpose is to provide the look and feel of a realistic Internet environment by generating various bandwidths of real traffic including emails and simulated Twitter®, YouTube®, Facebook®, Instagram®, Dailymotion®, Blog®, Wordpress®, Board®, Tumblr®, Video®, Intensedebate®, Reddit®, YikYak® and more profiles, groups, posts, comments and feeds.

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Kerberos Commander PTT Global Radio Network

The Kerberos Commander PTT Global Radio Network is a ruggedized communication platform that seamlessly integrates with existing networks and combines PTT, satellite and cellular connectivity to provide a communications network anywhere - anytime - Locally - Regionally - Globally - without the need for a single additional cellular or radio tower.

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KER-314 Electronic Warfare Platform

The KER-314 Tactical EW Platform is a robust, remoteable, multifunction, multiband, full spectrum, wideband collection platform (via BGAN or cellular connectivity). The KER-314 also contains remote full spectrum signal direction finding (DF), advanced 2000 watt commercial FM stereo transmitter and HF/VHF/UHF electronic attack (EA) capabilities.

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KER-RIAB Radio in a Box

Low cost, easy to use and currently deployed in hundreds of locations worldwide. The KER-RIAB includes an ELENOS ETG1500 FM transmitter, Norwalk NE34 omnidirectional antenna, double braided silver plated coaxial cable, AKG D542ST dynamic microphone, laptop with BSI Simian Lite software, and a Pelican case for portable use. The average time from unpack to full broadcast capacity is less than 30 minutes.

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KER-330 Automated Social Media Monitoring

The KER-330 Automated Social Media Monitoring is a "big data" platform that has the ability to crawl all major international social media websites (Twitter®, YouTube®, Facebook®, Instagram®, Dailymotion®, Blog®, Wordpress®, Board®, Tumblr®, Video®, Intensedebate®, Reddit®, YikYak® and more), and does so in real-time in 81 languages. The KER-330 also has the ability to historically pull data from up to two years previously, based upon a combination of user defined keywords, terms and specific URLs, as well as sentiment and geo-fencing. The KER-330 will also send live alerts on posts and conversations of interest.

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KER-318 Remote Weather Monitoring Platform

The KER-318 is a remote weather collection and dissemination platform for aviation, beacon, and weather data support in hostile and harsh environments. The KER-318 is the world's most powerful yet low power consuming data acquisition system and utilizes multipath communication platforms to send and receive weather and atmospheric data from remote areas.

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Emergency Management

When Moments Count is an online community that offers innovative solutions for your emergency management challenges.

We are constantly searching throughout North America and the world to bring you the latest solutions that help you save lives in a disaster or crisis situation. Here, you'll find field proven, cost effective solutions for emergency communications systems, command & control shelters, water purification, portable power and more.

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Customized Command & Control and Communications Trailers

Kerberos International is your one stop source for customized command, control and communications trailer platforms. Kerberos leverages agreements with multiple sources around the world to deliver the most operationally and cost effective trailer to meet a diverse set of requirements.

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xG Technology’s xMAX Advanced Cognitive Radio Network

The xMax mobile broadband communications system delivers a compelling solution for organizations seeking a robust and reliable private voice and data network. Designed from the ground up using patented cognitive radio technology, xMax is able to exploit unlicensed spectrum to create a licensed spectrum experience for fixed and mobile voice video and data users.

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DragonForce Team Collaboration

DragonForce empowers you and your teammates to share information in real time: instant messaging, location, photo and document sharing, collaborative whiteboards, and more. Built for mobile team operations, DragonForce gives your team a common operating picture allowing them to plan, communicate and act more quickly, safely and effectively.

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