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Live Virtual Constructive Training Services

Kerberos offers a variety of innovative technology platforms to support live virtual constructive (LVC) training programs. Additionally, Kerberos offers military training professionals with extensive experience.

Kerberos Commander Portable ISR Solutions

The Kerberos Commander Series is a Force Multiplier and allows for a single operator to remotely create realistic traffic between 2–50+ personnel in the field. Created traffic (either voice or data) can then be pushed out over IRIDIUM, BGAN, WiFi, Cellular, or virtually any H/V/UHF RF system or platform. Typically the KER-318 operates in a remote configuration with updates being sent to the 318 over a BGAN and/or cellular backhaul. The 318 operates on a digital software defined platform and utilizes numerous waveforms that conform to NATO and U.S. military standards. Frequency hopping and AES-256 encryption are also available. The Ker-318 can be programmed to operate remotely, generating scheduled Voice and data message traffic 24 hours a day without operator intervention.

Download Kerberos Commander Data Sheet

KER-CHAT Chatterbox

The kerberos ChatterBox Voice and SMS Traffic Generator is a self‐contained system that generates real cellular calls (voice chatter) and SMS messages on CDMA and GSM and 3/4G networks for those training or operational missions requiring real‐world simulation of cellular communications networks.  The ChatterBox is capable of providing up to sixteen simultaneous mobile‐to‐mobile calls on the 32-channel model. The Kerberos Chatterbox supports up to four SIM cards per channel allowing up to 128 IMSI registrations on the 32 channel system. Easily configured and monitored through a simple‐to‐use graphical user interface, the Kerberos ChatterBox can be programmed to run remotely, generating Voice and SMS messaging traffic 24 hours a day without operator intervention. Currently the Chatterbox will support ALL known GSM and CDMA frequencies but the most popular is to use the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz spectrum and to do so in 2G GSM format.

Kerberos DRFM ADEP Radar Simulation Series

 Able to immolate/simulate virtually any radar or ELINT emitter in the world utilizing our revolutionary Agile Digital Effects Processor (ADEP) architecture. The Kerberos ADEP uses the latest in RF to digital conversion and processing techniques to provide superior EW solutions and is the core of our EW target/environment simulators and tactical systems. Our Kerberos ADEP provides realistic Radar & Communications system simulation for open range test & evaluation of warfare systems and we can easily develop Custom solutions for specific user applications. 

KER-322. Cyber Café

The primary purpose of the KER-322 is to provide the look and feel of a realistic Internet (or private network) environment.  The KER-322 generates the realistic appearance of various realistic bandwidths of real IP and Internet Social Media traffic including emails and simulated Twitter®, Facebook®, Instagram® HTTP(S), SMTP, P2P and other social media profiles from tens of thousands of geographically-accurate IPs and various social media services. Email and IP traffic can be set emulating anywhere from a small café with 1 person at one terminal or a huge café with 200+ people all sending and surfing anywhere from 1000’s of emails and webpages per minute. 

Download KER-322 Cyber Café Overview

KER-322 Breadcrumbs

Part of the Cyber café package. Emulates the appearance of an iPhone or Samsung on a cellular or WiFi network. Utilizes a low-cost external Plug-n-Play camera in order to either take live pictures and send or to send pre-loaded pictures at scheduled times or time intervals via social media platforms. Video or picture can then be placed directly into "live play" or into scripted social media updates. Able to send text, tweets, Facebook and other various social media updates, emails, or simulate browsing websites. Also can take and automatically post pictures.  System measures approx. 3" x 5" x 3 " (measurement does not include external battery size). Can broadcast on either GSM or 802.11 bandwidth.