Kerberos is a leading provider of Tactical Electronic Warfare and Communications Solutions that are deployed and driving mission success in some of the most austere conditions throughout the world.

By integrating best-in-class commercial and custom technologies, our solutions improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a tactical advantage to our customers.

Kerberos offers unique a unique combination of skilled RF and electrical engineers and savvy former special operators to design, build, test deliver and support small SWaP, portable EW systems that are customized to your specific mission requirements. Kerberos doesn’t just work in a development lab, our operators will deploy and support our EW systems in austere and contested areas throughout the world.

Bring your requirements portable ISR equipment requirements to us and we can typically turn around a complete, fully tested and documented, customized system in less than six months.

Product details for these two examples of the customized EW systems Kerberos can deliver are available at the links below:

As a cutting-edge Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) systems integrator, Kerberos takes a solutions-oriented approach to addressing advanced persistent threats and creating a timely, cost effective, mission solution which few can compare to. Working closely with our defense, industry, and academia partners, Kerberos maintains a state-of-the-art integration capability that supports relevant environment EW and RF conditions in order to conduct design and development of seamless cyber- electromagnetic capabilities for both wired and wireless modern communication infrastructure.

While technologies emerge and new missions develop, new cyber and electromagnetic warfare threats increase exponentially and simultaneously Kerberos engineers continue to define and create next- generation protocols and hardware architectures to combat these threats in an integrated and expedited fashion. Kerberos strives to remain on the cutting edge of researching and developing the technologies, standards and architectures to support the use of readily available, low-cost, highly effective means and mechanisms for the rapid development and integration of cyber and electromagnetic warfare capabilities.

Reactive Electronic Attack Portable Radio (REAPR TM) is an innovative, reactive, precise Electronic Attack platform that can disrupt (jam) the adversaries’ communications systems with minimum interference to Blue Force communications.

Radio in a Box (RIAB)Kerberos is a leading provide of Radios in a Box (RIABS) to allied military and humanitarian organizations worldwide. Our wide range of tactical RIAB platforms are easy to deploy and use. The average time from unpack to full broadcast capacity is less than 30 minutes. They can be preprogrammed and/or operated remotely or locally. Kerberos will design a RIAB to support your specific mission requirements and will optionally provide on-site training, deployment assistance and operations assistance.

Kerberos Commander Portable ISR Solutions are a suite of tactical C4ISR solutions that are supporting missions in austere areas worldwide. Kerberos Commander platforms represent a robust, remoteable, multifunction, multiband, full spectrum, wideband collection and broadcast platform (via BGAN or cellular connectivity).

Mobile Communications Systems Kerberos is your one stop source for customized command, control and communications trailer platforms. Kerberos leverages agreements with multiple sources around the world to deliver the most operationally and cost-effective trailer to meet a diverse set of requirements.

The KER-322/330 ACE/SME platform is a robust, low-cost, portable, easily configurable, fully functional, Opposing Force Cyber Training Tool and social media monitoring system. The KER-322 ACE’s primary purpose is to provide the look and feel of a realistic Internet environment by generating various bandwidths of real traffic including emails and simulated Twitter®, YouTube®, Facebook®, Instagram®, Dailymotion®, Blog®, WordPress®, Board®, Tumblr®, Video®, Intensedebate®, Reddit®, YikYak® and more profiles, groups, posts, comments and feeds.