Tactical Solutions. Strategic Impact.


Kerberos is honored to provide innovative solutions for several industry segments:

Full Spectrum Security Services

Kerberos International is an internationally licensed provider of professionally managed Armed security solutions designed to mitigate risk and to protect life, property, material and sensitive information.

Energy Industry

Kerberos is a technology leader in seamless communications infrastructure and solutions for Oil, Gas and other critical industrial sectors. Our systems and personnel are field-proven and can support and succeed in the austere environments common to these sectors.

Government and Defense

Kerberos supports the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence, First Responders and Law Enforcement with various communications, power and equipment technologies and services.

Commercial Enterprises

Kerberos works with innovative service and technology providers throughout the world to plan and execute successful product launches in North America's commercial industry and into US federal, state and local governments.

Emergency Management

Kerberos' communication and power/equipment solutions have been designed to support emergency management professionals in commercial industry as well as government agencies.