Ker-318 Virtual Force Emulator Full Spectrum Military Force Simulation

Three proven systems combine to provide cost effective, full spectrum, expeditionary, MILDEC tactical RF simulation training solutions

The KER-318 full spectrum, expeditionary, tactical RF simulation platform is designed to deliver a realistic RF and Cyber environment for training or real mission purposes.  Its proven ability to simulate a Company’s, Battalion’s or full Brigade’s RF and cyber footprint, and control the simulation remotely, is unique in the industry.

KER-318 Virtual Force Emulator

  • Simulates satphone, cell phone, PTT radio network transmissions and real conversations
  • Proven ISR training platform deployed for 36 months in austere environments without failure
  • Ruggedized, man-portable system
  • Remotely operated using easy to develop scripts
  • Embedded PKI and designed to prevent adversary backtracking to C&C functions
  • Modular design enables mission-specific configuration.

KER-322 Advanced Cyber Environment

  • Proven TACTICAL CYBER simulation platform
  • Ruggedized, man-portable system
  • Automated traffic generation and data base population tools.

KER-DFRM Radar Simulation Solution

  • Able to replicate any radar required to establish an ELINT footprint or profile.

Kerberos has developed a modular, proprietary, secure simulation platform that includes software and portable, ruggedized hardware kits that enable an operator to deploy the system into or near contested areas and control them from anywhere in the world.  Operators can pre-define various RF, cell phone and satellite transmissions and cyber traffic including email, Internet and social media.  The remote operator can also inject additional traffic on-the-fly as required by the mission.

The cost-effective, modular design of the KER-318 enables our customers to purchase only the segments of the suite needed. Deployment assistance, training and support are available.

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