Quality Assurance

Team Kerberos is committed to providing quality products and services to all SeaPort-e Customers and employs a Quality Assurance Program which includes processes for continuous improvement and assurance of conformity and commitment to quality, efficiency, and cost reduction. We use these defined processes to monitor and inspect for deficiencies. The Team performs continual inspections to ensure process improvement. Our quality management process is illustrated in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2: Team Kerberos' Quality Management Process ensures the SeaPort-e Customer will receive consistently outstanding quality products and services.

Quality standards and measures are developed by the Task Order Manager and validated/approved by the COTR. Once in place, all interim and final deliverables are inspected by the Task Order Manager and the QA team to ensure a quality product and a satisfied customer.

On the rare occasion that a deliverable does not meet performance standards, the Task Order Manager will take immediate corrective action that may include any or all of the following:

  • Communicate clearly and transparently with the COTR
  • Identify the source of the shortfall
  • Clarify performance objectives and criteria with the members of the IPT who did not clearly understand
  • Allocate and assign additional resources to complete that portion of the Task Order
  • Provide additional training and supervision to the members of the IPT who need assistance
  • Provide additional tools to the members of the IPT who need assistance

Clear and transparent communication with all members of the IPT, the COTR and the Customer Contracting Office will ensure the delivery of successful, high quality products and services.

Customer responsiveness

Team Kerberos is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to all SeaPort-e customers. Kerberos’ Task Order Manager, SeaPort-e Program Manager and the entire executive management team are available to SeaPort-e customers at any and all times.

Kerberos’ management approach centers on the customer and key customer personnel will be an integral part of our Integrated Product/Process Teams. Team Kerberos constantly seeks customer input for each step in the Work Breakdown Structure. Our goal is to consistently deliver what the customer wants/expects with no surprises.

The Task Order Manager provides the initial point of contact for both contracting and project related topics. For technology problems and questions, Kerberos maintains a 24x7 help desk that will take the customer’s call, log the issue by opening a Customer Ticket and escalate the issue to the appropriate project personnel. The Kerberos help desk will track the ticket until it is closet, keeping the customer apprised of the progress. Kerberos will not close a Customer Ticket until the Customer agrees that the issue is resolved.

Kerberos’ highly responsive, open and transparent communication with customers has earned accolades from US military and civilian customers alike. SeaPort-e customers will not only be able to leverage the 24x7 help desk, they will also benefit from Kerberos open, responsive management team.

Problem resolution

Figure 3: Kerberos' Problem Management Process ensures rapid resolution with consistent quality.

Kerberos takes an aggressive and systematic approach to problem resolution. All problems will be recorded and tracked as Problem Tickets (Customer or Internal) in the Kerberos Problem Management System.

Integral to the Problem Management System is the process to establish the priority of the problem. To date, this is a subjective process that depends highly on input from the COTR.

All newly opened, outstanding and newly closed problems are reported and reviewed in a weekly Problem Management Meeting of key members of the IPT and the Task Order Manager. Kerberos will provide the customer with a summary and detailed report of the status of each problem on a weekly (or monthly at customer request) basis.

Kerberos is dedicated to resolving problems in a proactive and systematic manner that encompasses all quality and change management processes.

SeaPort-e customers will benefit from Kerberos’ aggressive and systematic approach to problem resolution that provides transparent problem management and reporting and quick resolution.

Last updated 25 April 2015