Reapr graphic that shows how the equipment will work when in operation

Reactive Electronic Attack Portable Radio (REAPR)

Reactive Electronic Attack Portable Radio (REAPR) is a small SWaP, efficient and effective multi-mode Electronic Warfare (EW), Electronic Support (ES), Electronic Attack (EA), and radio simulator system that operates in real time to identify, disrupt, and simulate signals of interest. REAPR creates realistic, robust, congested, and contested over-the-air (OTA) test and training environments.  It is effective operationally as an ES/EA mission system and/or as a training tool to generate a congested, contested EMS environment.  REAPR is available now in a man-portable configuration (TRL9) and has been proven (TRL8) on the Textron RQ7 Shadow.  It can be integrated onto other Group 3 and many Group 2 UAS as well as rotary air vehicles.

Click to watch Video of the Live REAPR Demonstration on the Textron Shadow

REAPR is available now in a man-portable configuration and has been proven on the Textron RQ-7 Shadow. It can be made into a backpack form factor and/or integrated into Group 3 and many Group 2 UAS systems.

REAPR supports frequencies between 70 MHz to 6 GHz and can disrupt multiple signals including single channel RF radio networks, WI-FI, cellular communications, military and commercial mobile and tactical single-channel radios, SATCOM U/D, GPS signals, radar, and a wide-variety of voice, data, and targeting systems.

REAPR offers an extensible platform designed to defeat current waveforms with open interfaces and modular components so additional techniques can quickly be incorporated as new threats emerge.

An intuitive HQApp enables end users to operate the REAPR system either locally or remotely, selecting signals or frequencies of interest to target, as well as operational modes, frequency ranges, and other mission-specific data. REAPR nodes can operate in networked or stand-alone mode. The HQApp can change mission parameters on-the-fly for networked REAPR nodes.

REAPR brings unprecedented airborne and ground-based EW/EA capability to the warfighter.

KEY Features

  • Intelligent multi-function RF system for over-the-air electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) test and training activities.
  • Simulates friendly, adversary, and neutral radio signals to create targets for testing/training SIGINT and DF systems.
  • Creates jamming waveforms to simulate opposing force (OPFOR) offensive electronic attack (EA) capabilities so soldiers can train in a contested and unpredictable electromagnetic operating environment (EMOE).
  • Signals and Frequencies of Interest can be preloaded or updated on the fly during mission enabling operators to rapidly adapt to dynamic events and maneuvers.
  • Open architecture supports standard I/Q and VITA-49 spectrum data interfaces to ingest and replay spectrum from multiple tools and waveform generators.

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