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Reactive Electronic Attack Portable Radio (REAPR™) brings unprecedented Electronic Attack (EA) function to the warfighter.

REAPR is an innovative, open-architecture Electronic Support / Electronic Attack (ES/EA) system that capable of identifying and targeting/disrupting (jamming) single channel adversary RF signals/transmissions in the 70 MHz – 6 GHz frequency range with minimum disruption to Blue Force or commercial communications systems.

Reactive Electronic Attack Portable Radio (REAPR) is a small SWaP, efficient and effective multi-mode Electronic Warfare (EW), Electronic Support (ES) and Electronic Attack (EA) system that operates in real time to identify and disrupt signals of interest with an extremely precise, narrowband beam that does not disrupt Blue Force or commercial communications networks.

REAPR supports frequencies between 70 MHz to 6 GHz and can disrupt multiple signals including single channel RF radio networks, WI-FI, cellular communications, military and commercial mobile and tactical single-channel radios, SATCOM U/D, GPS signals, radar, and a wide-variety of voice, data, and targeting systems.

REAPR offers an extensible platform designed to defeat current waveforms with open interfaces and modular components so additional techniques can quickly be incorporated as new threats emerge. An intuitive HQApp enables end users to operate the REAPR system either locally or remotely, selecting signals or frequencies of interest to target, as well as operational modes, frequency ranges, and other mission-specific data. REAPR nodes can operate in networked or stand-alone mode. The HQApp can change mission parameters on-the-fly for networked REAPR nodes.

During the mission, REAPR scans at a rate of 1million scans per second and, upon detecting a Signal of Interest (SOI), immediately transmits a disrupting effect. REAPR continues to scan and halts the transmission as soon as the target SOI is no longer detected. The combination of an extremely narrow signal that is only transmitted for milliseconds significantly reduces the power and RF footprint making the REAPR extremely difficult for adversaries to detect.

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