Tactical FM Radio In A Box (RIAB)

Tactical/Commercial Grade FM Radio in a Cost-Effective Package. Leading provider of ruggedized, portable FM radio broadcast systems used by SOF, Information Operations (IO) and OTG forces worldwide. Remotely or locally operated. Kerberos will design a RIAB for your specific mission requirements, provide training and, optionally, assist with deployment and operation.

Scalable 500W to 10KW FM RIAB

  • Low cost, easy to use and currently deployed in hundreds of locations worldwide.
  • Average time from unpacking to full broadcast capacity is less than 30 minutes.
  • Includes industry-leading Commercial series FM transmitter, omnidirectional antenna, double braided silver plated coaxial cable, dynamic microphone, TOUGHBOOK laptop with BSI Simian Lite software, and a Pelican case for portable use.
  • The system is all IP-based and can be locally or remotely operated. Run programs and scripts with full access and control from anywhere in the world.
  • Local and remote management and control via Serial Protocol, SMS, GPRS, SNMP or web interface.
  • Accurate and detailed real-time data on the operating status of the transmitter available at the analytical level (voltage, current, power, temperature, efficiency, settings, audio levels, etc.)
Radio in a Box case and accessories

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