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AI-Based Cellular/RF Surveillance, AUTOMATIC 105 LANGUAGE TRANSLATION, Analysis, & Alert

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Personnel worldwide are constantly surrounded by massive amounts of phone and radio conversations that mostly go uncollected. These conversations represent intelligence that may be of strategic or tactical importance or might indicate an imminent threat to personnel.

Kerberos TRANSL8 utilizes the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automatic Language Detection & Translation (ALD&T), biometrics and industry leading “near-real-time” communication decryption Software Defined Radio (SDR) capabilities in order to bring those nefarious conversations into the open and expose valuable intelligence.

TRANSL8 constantly scans cell phones and push-to-talk (PTT) radio transmissions for user-defined Words and Phrases of Interest (W/POI), sentiment, biometrics or Frequencies of Interest (FOI). When these conversations or voice prints are detected, TRANSL8 automatically conducts near real-time translation and analysis, records the transmission locally and immediately sends local personnel and the S2/G2/J2 (or other designated parties) a TXT (phone) and/or email alert with a recording of the conversation in both native language and English accompanied by a written transcript of the conversation in English.

TRANSL8 can be used in standalone, remoted, or networked configurations.

The TRANSL8 platform is comprised of two modules:

  1. Translation & Analysis Module
  2. Intercept Module
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TRANSL8 delivers an autonomous capability for transcription, translation, and triage analysis of SIGINT in near real-time. Powered by patented Artificial Intelligence (AI), the TRANSL8 Translation & Analysis Module delivers the following features:

  • Machine Translation and Analysis Module and AI-based Automatic Language
    Detection and Translation (ALD&T) system
  • Currently capable of translating more than 105 languages
  • Able to identify Words, Phrases, Frequencies and Voice Biometrics of Interest
  • Allows users to view intercepted communications in both the native language & a machine-translated version in English or other languages
  • Able to send alerts, establish alert criteria, view alerts, view machine analytics and share reports with other connected units.
  • Contains a Communications Link (Comms Link) that integrates either BGAN or cellular to conduct routine updates and perform maintenance (when required)


TRANSL8 industry-leading surveillance SDR is capable of scanning, collecting, decrypting and identifying cellular, push-to-talk (PTT), digital PTT and digital Trunked Mobile Radio (TMR) RF signals. The TRANSL8 RF front-end is coupled with a web-based user interface (UI) available to any authorized web-enabled device CIA a secure VPN. In addition, self-contained database logs all events captured by the system along with associated metadata and payload (voice, SMS, data).

If the payload data is encrypted the system performs near-real-time decryption for specific protocols as well as stores raw bits for later processing and decryption. The database has a web-based interface which enables users to filter the data in both static and real-time. Logs and associated voice cuts can be exported from the internal database directly to a local PC or laptop.

  • Comprehensive tactical survey, collection and exploitation system for push-to-talk (PTT) and Trunked Mobile (TMR) radios
  • 01 MHz – 8 GHz frequency range
  • Multiple wideband digital tuners
  • Multiple narrowband receivers for acquisition
  • Automatic detection, collection, and processing of analog and modern digital PTT and TMR signals
  • Modern digital PTT and TMR signals include DMR (MOTOTRBO, HYTERA, ECOS-D), NXDN (NEXEDGE/IDAS) and APCO25 (P25)
  • Advanced metadata extraction
  • Perform survey, search & sustained collection with the same system
  • Generate and manage target frequency lists
  • Automated Call Detail Record (CDR) generation • Web-based GUI for remote command and control visualization
  • DMR Tier II and Tier III decoding
  • DMR message and voice decoding
  • Packaged in a ruggedized SKB Injection-Molded 6 Rack Unit (RU) Studio Flyer Rack Case
  • Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D) are 42” x 27.75” x 19.5”
  • Weight is approximately 67 lbs




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