Kerberos’ Tactical Studio and Broadcast Platform (TSAB)

Kerberos’ Tactical Studio and Broadcast Platform (TSAB) is a comprehensive information gathering and dissemination platform for use by military, aid, NGO, and other personnel.  The customizable platform includes tactical FM Radios in a Box (RIABs), Electronic News Gathering platforms, and a master control/production platform, a powerful transmitter, and some GoPro cameras.  These ruggedized platforms are specifically designed to withstand challenging conditions, making them ideal for deployments in remote or resource-constrained areas. By ensuring uninterrupted broadcasting capabilities, Kerberos empowers organizations to extend their reach and deliver critical information, entertainment, and news to audiences that were previously underserved.  This platform enables the seamless integration of multiple data sources, such as text, images, and multimedia content, into impactful messaging campaigns. With intuitive interfaces and user-friendly workflows, users can easily craft messages to effectively engage target audiences.

A summary of pricing is below. Training is available and is proposed separately.

Tactical Studio and Broadcast Platform (TSAB)

TSAB Component Pricing

Stock Number Description Price
KER-RIAB-G10001000 Watt Radio in a Box System$66,770.00
KER-ENG-1CAMSingle Camera Electronic News Gathering Platform$155,940.00
KER-ENG-4CAMFour Camera Electronic News Gathering Platform$298,310.00
KER-ENG-MCCMulti-Media Master Control Centre Platform$277,510.00
KER-TV-TR25Transmitter/Receiver System$169,300.00
KER-GP-HKGoPro HERO10 Kit$1,520.00

The following describes the various components of the system:

1. RIAB (Radio in a Box)- Two (2) persons carry portable FM radio station. Able to broadcast FM Radio signals upward of 50-80 Kms depending on antenna height and terrain. RIAB contains a full commercial broadcast studio suite to allow editing, programming, scheduling, and both local and remote access for operation and configuration. The average setup time is less than 15 minutes. Can be powered from virtually any source that can provide 120V or 220V 50/60Hz.

2. ENG (Electronic News Gathering) platform - This s is literally the same equipment (but newer/lighter/better) that virtually every major news outlet in the world has their “on-site” (action) reporters carry with them at all times ready to capture a story. Each ENG platform enables a single “reporter” to be able to film, edit (if so desired), and then transmit to the MASTER Controller (HUB). This can be a live “streaming” broadcast or an almost live-unedited transmitted broadcast (you film something – review it on site- then send it forward as is), or a full edited production where a reporter shoots an event or several minutes/hours of footage – edits it to convey the point they want to be portrayed – and then sends it to the Master Control Centre.

3. Multi-Camera ENG platform - This is normally a location where the ‘news” staff and production personnel are going to remain for two (2) weeks to four (4) or so months. It’s a full equipment tactical (i.e. mobile) news “station”. The platform has four cameras that can cover various angles, creating a sophisticated broadcast. This system is used 1000’s of times daily by local media producers and broadcasters. In many cases depending on the availability of news “readers” and camera persons – two people can operate the entire system – one reads the news/information and the other can operate all four cameras from a single workstation (provided).

4. MASTER Control Centre - This centre is typically co-located with the Multi-camera ENG platform. The Master is basically a “hub” that receives local news broadcasts from the ENG reporters, and pulls things down from satellite such as major news networks, cable, social media, etc. It’s a huge media “vacuum cleaner” that pulls everything in – and then the MASTER production staff (one to many) takes all the various formats and information and produces a “news story” or “episode” that it pushes out either live or delayed to the population being targeted. This system can also populate most social media platforms without having to go through complex copies and edits since the MASTER automatically takes a specific video platform received and will change it to the desired codec of the platform it is trying to push to. For example – you could pull something off a satellite from a Russian TV station and push it directly to YOUTUBE with no delay due to the automatic changeover – thus saving often times 100’s of hours of production effort. The MASTER is also where the PUSH originates electronically from an RF perspective. This is the “gateway” to the outside world – either from an IP perspective or a push through a traditional RF format.

5. Forward Deployed Transmitter/Receiver System - This is literally a “set it and forget it” platform. Requires 2 personnel to set it up. We typically either put it on a mast or the tallest building in the area. It is basically an IP transmitter/receiver that can be controlled by various transmitters to push the video message out. It is Digital TV so it is crystal clear. Typically, a city the size of Miami Florida would need one – Dallas Texas would need 2. If I put one of these systems on the Empire State Building in NYC I could cover all of Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens (for the most part).

6. GoPro Kits - The GoPro HERO10 Kit includes the HERO10 Black action camera, a battery, mounting buckles, a USB cable, a small case, an extra battery, a dual-battery charger, a GoPro Light Mod, a 64GB microSD Card, a 128GB microSD card, a Shorty handle/tripod, a head strap with quick clip, a Chesty chest strap, and a soft-sided Casey LITE to carry the whole kit.

Training - Virtually ALL the training that we need to accomplish to get these guys up and running can be conducted remotely. We have created YouTube videos that can take a novice to a Professional after a few days of watching. Also, we can, if funding is available, go and teach them everything they need to know on-site. And, if desired, the customer can come to our Miami Beach area office for training.